Meet Your NaviGators

Maya Francisco
A senior from Toledo, OH
Major: Community and Justice Studies
Minors: Spanish and Political Science
Involved in: Varsity Field Hockey, Law and Policy program, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Strengths: time management and organization via calendars, political science department, law and policy program, finding people/resources to connect you with regardless of your interests, tips on how to create good relationships with professors, helping fellow student-athletes
Ethan Borsh
A junior from Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Mathematics
Minors: Economics and Education
Involved in: Fencing, Allegheny Roleplaying and Gaming Organization (ARGO), Legion of Allegheny Gamers (LAG), FIJI fraternity
Strengths: Time organization, studying (especially for STEM), community involvement, and searching for outside resources.
Pallas Cain
A junior from Meadville, PA
Majors: Computer Science and Art, Science & Innovation
Involved in: Allegheny Roleplaying and Gaming Organization (ARGO), Legion of Allegheny Gamers (LAG), Allegheny Recreation, Wise Center Athletics Assistant, Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Leader, URSCA Summer Research
Strengths: Writing emails and communication especially with professors and other campus resources, time management, task lists, class schedules, major/minor planning, technical issues, getting involved as a commuter student, computer science and information science department programs and classes, art department programs and classes, caring for your mental health; carrying a positive mindset; grief awareness, campus involvement and leadership, creative and large class project planning & execution, and event planning.
Zach Fry
3rd-year Senior from Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Spanish
Involved in: Phi Delta Theta, IFC, Tri-Beta, AERO, and the Pre-Health Club. He is also interested in martial arts, watching football, and anything medicine-related.
Academic strengths: creating study plans, making healthy lifestyle choices, making more manageable task lists, biology, Spanish, chemistry, and some math.
Landon Schmader
A sophomore from Brockport, PA
Major: Mathematics
Minors: Economics and Education
Involved in: Cross Country, Track and Field
Strengths: Communicating/Listening with peers to identify course of action, Knowledgeable about courses in all areas I study, Being aware of events on campus for students to attend, Utilizing office hours/Tutoring time amongst a busy schedule, Staying on top of assignments/studying. Knowing the majority of resources on campus a student can utilize.
Kendall Cox
A sophomore from Silver Spring, MD
Major: Psychology
Minors: undecided
Involved in: Varsity lacrosse, Allegheny choirs, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Lambda Sigma.
Strengths: time management (specifically digital calendars), writing/planning essays, and helping you get involved with all the extracurriculars that interest you while still being able to balance studying and grades.
Miles Franck
A junior from Maryland, but born and raised in Brooklyn
Major: Computer Science
Minors: Art
Involved in: Theta Chi fraternity
Strengths: Organization, using phone calendar and reminders, Computer Science, Greek life,
Problem solving