Culture, Identity, & Leadership Coalition (CILC)

CommUNITY…. unity among our community. That is the driving force of the Culture, Identity, & Leadership Coalition.  Comprised of over twelve of our diverse student organizations of under-represented student populations, CILC provides space for organizations to collaborate, share experiences and maintain/develop the sense of unity within the diverse student community.

Presidents and Vice Presidents of each organization participate in a leadership retreat at the beginning of the fall semester where students attend workshops to develop leadership skills, team building exercises as well as lessons on effective organizational management.  CILC members are advised or co-advised by the IDEAS Center and collaborate on cultural/heritage month celebrations throughout the year.

As a part of our mission as a center, we provide leadership development, support and advisement to the following organizations in collaboration with the Office of Student Involvement:

African Students Association (ASA)

The African Students Association is a group that brings together students from all over the world to focus on a common interest. The group brings culture and food that are indigenous to the African continent while promoting inclusiveness, and healthy discussions on the news and issues of the continent.

All Gender Equity Society (AGES)

AGES purpose is to create a welcoming, safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for gender non-conforming or gender questioning students and those who identify as allies to gender non-conforming folxs. We want to create a space where gender nonconformity can be discussed and explored safely and securely by any student on or off campus, as well a create an atmosphere where we can strive for full gender equality both on campus and in the world.

Association for the Advancement of Black Culture (ABC)

ABC is a group dedicated to the advancement of Black Culture on this campus, including both the struggles and the accomplishments. We provide spaces where every member of the community can learn and grow in the academic setting and community-building environment. We strive to include fun and educational activities throughout the year that are related to Black culture.

Association for Asian and Asian American Awareness (A5)

The purpose of the Association for Asian and Asian American Awareness (A5) is to enrich cultural and ethnic diversity at Allegheny by promoting awareness of Asian cultures. We address the needs of Asian and Asian American students by acting as a liaison between these students and the college community. A5 appreciates the tradition, honor, beauty, and wisdom of all Asian cultures in an effort to educate and dispel stereotypes.

Association of Caribbean Students (ACS)

The Association of Caribbean Students (ACS) will strive to raise awareness of the rich and diverse cultures of the Caribbean through educational and recreational activities. The ACS will also ensure that members have a good understanding of the cultural background of the West Indies, and that there is a sense of unity felt across the Allegheny community. We want to ensure that Caribbean students on campus can celebrate the traditions that they practice at home in order to bring them to life, showcase them, and educate those who are interested in their culture.

Latinas on the Rise (LR)

Dedicated to the entrancement of women self-empowerment; a safe space where Latinas can come together and embrace their culture and identity.

Men of Color Advancement Association (M.O.C.A.A.)

The sole purpose of M.O.C.A.A. is to seek various ways to retain the men of color population at Allegheny college. M.O.C.A.A. strives to increase the retention rate of men of color at Allegheny College through intervention processes of peer mentoring, philanthropy, and community service by providing meaningful experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Brother to Brother (B2B)

Brother to Brother is a network of staff, faculty and community members who come together to support male students of color studying at Allegheny. The goal is to build intentional community in order to improve the overall Allegheny experience for men of color.

Minority Association Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

The Minority Association of Pre-Health Students aims to increase the pipeline of minorities into all health professions, inclusive of medicine, nursing, public health, health care administration, and entrepreneurship. The goal of MAPS is to offer support and guidance to students on the Pre-Health/Medical track.

Green Students of Color Society (Green SOCS)

Green Students of Color Society seeks to engage and empower students of color in a creative and fresh way. We hope to inspire participation in the vital collaboration of the environmental science field by addressing the climate crisis our planet faces through interdisciplinary coordination. We recognize that the possibilities for change are vast, expansive, and often unimaginable until it’s done. The legacy we plan to forge has the potential to leave a lasting, impressionable impact on our present and future lives

Black Girl Magic (BGM)

BGM will engage in the holistic development of Women of Color and will connect its ideals to support, grow, and bond together through four principle tenets: Civic, Academic, Personal, and Social (CAPS).  To build a long lasting sisterhood, to celebrate the achievements of Women of Color both on and off Allegheny’s Campus, and to mentor young women of color in our Meadville community as well as the underclassmen on Allegheny campus.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The goal of Gender and Sexuality Alliance is to create a safe, supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer students, (LGBTQ+) and allies. Our mission is to involve and educate the members of Allegheny College on LGBTQ+ issues and promote understanding and tolerance for diversity through activism. It is our intention to build a sense of community for diversity through activism. It is our intention to build a sense of community for LGBTQ+ students.

International Club

To help integrate the International Community at Allegheny College. We strive to make all Gators global through exposure to different cultures and cuisines!

South Asian Student Society

The South Asian Club will strive to promote Indian, Pakistani, and other South Asian culture and heritage at Allegheny College. The main focus is to carry on a strong tradition of spreading South Asian awareness and traditions. This is accomplished through social and cultural activities. It will help unite South Asian students at Allegheny and act as a gateway to connect the South Asian and Allegheny community.

Union LatinX

The purpose of Union Latinx (UL) is to increase intellectual, cultural and social interaction between Latino students and the rest of the Allegheny community in order to promote the identity, unity and development of the Latino students and its culture at Allegheny College as well as to actively work to recruit and retain Latino students at Allegheny College.


Hillel is a community-centered pluralistic space where students can connect with each other and with the Jewish community in Meadville. Our dynamic and diverse community gathers regularly to explore and celebrate Jewish culture and religion.

Islamic Cultural Association (ICA)

The ICA is a student led club that works with Muslim and non-Muslim students to provide awareness about Islam and Muslim people.  The club achieves this through discussion and events that bring education to the Allegheny campus about Islamic holidays and religious traditions in order to combat stereotypes.  Muslim students should find this to be a safe space to have their needs met and the campus community can find this to be an informative and welcoming space.

A Ladies Place

A lot of sensitive topics are disregarded when it comes to women. From a personal perspective, we find there are commonalities with the treatment of women which, without a doubt, negatively affects self-confidence and hope within communities and society in general.  The purpose of A Ladies Place is to build a stable and healthy system that provides empowerment for the ladies at Allegheny College.

Queer People of Color (QPOC)

QPOC’s mission is to involve and educate the members of Allegheny College on what it means to be a queer person of color and part of the LGBTQ community while promoting an understanding and tolerance for diversity through activism.


The Newman Association provides faith and fellowship events for Alleghenians who are interested in the Catholic Christian faith. The group provides opportunities to practice and learn about Catholic Christianity, to build fellowship with others of the faith, and to share the Catholic Christian faith and culture with the Allegheny community.

For a complete listing of all student organizations, please visit Student Involvement.