Multicultural Field Day/Multicultural Weekend

Multicultural Field Day / Weekend

These student-driven programs are supported by IDEAS Center but planned by our Culture, Identity and Leadership Coalition (CILC).

Multicultural Field Day is an opportunity for CILC organizations to promote cultural awareness on campus through activities and showcasing their respective organizations.  The first multicultural field day was conceptualized and brought to life by the Association for the Advancement of Black Culture (ABC) in 2018 bringing together organizations to celebrate the diversity on campus.  Now an initiative of CILC, all organizations have a hand in planning the day’s activities with support from the IDEAS Center.

Multicultural Weekend is held in the spring semester and affords prospective students an opportunity to engage with our CILC organizations, get to know the campus and gain a familiarity with the ways in which Allegheny supports our under-resourced students in intentional ways.