Social Wellness

Developing satisfying relationships with your partner, your family, your friends and associates; being active in community affairs; contributing to protect the environment by conserving and recycling; interacting harmoniously with people and the earth

The following is a selection of related talks, workshops or other events held by professional staff associated with Allegheny College and available for your group at your request.

Yvonne Eaton-Stull, Director, Counseling Center, 332-4368, Reis Hall Third Floor

  • Conflict resolution styles and solutions
  • Life Orientations Survey on Communications Styles
  • Myers Briggs results analysis (Myers Briggs is a user-friendly Personality Inventory)
  • Emotional Intelligence or “EQ”

Jane Ellen Nickell, Chaplain, 332-2800, Reis Hall Room 103

  • Spirituality and Nature – Modern life has separated humans from the rest of creation and led us to see ourselves as detached from its welfare. In addition to ecological problems, this attitude stunts our understanding of ourselves as creatures who are part of the natural world. Such separation from the rhythms and cycles of nature has both psychic and spiritual consequences.

    In this program, discussion focuses on ways to recover a sense of natural rhythms throughout the day, week, year and over a lifetime, and how involvement with nature can enhance that process. It will also explore the idea of simple living, which seeks fulfillment in the abundance of nature, relationships, and spiritual practices, rather than in material possessions and corrosive work situations,. Participants will be invited to consider their own vocational options, lifestyle choices, and religious beliefs or spirituality as they relate to this issue.

Jacquie Kondrot, Associate Dean of Students for Wellness Education and Sexual Harrassment Officer, 332-4356, Reis Hall, Room 101

  • Sexual Assault Response and Prevention