Computers and Software Information

Standard Computers

The college employs a standard set of computers to meet the computing needs of campus. The standard computers used on campus are

  • MacBook Pros
  • iMacs
  • Dell Optiplex
  • Dell Latitude

The standard model types are reviewed annually and specialized needs can be met by contacting Information Technology Services.

Software Configuration by Operating System

College-owned computers are configured with the following software. Some of the software is pre-installed before the computer is delivered while other software is installed using remote installation system after the computer is delivered.

Windows 7

Academic Courseware

  • Chem3D
  • ChemDraw
  • ChemFinder
  • Cn3D 4.1
  • KaleidaGraph
  • Mathematica
  • SPSS


  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

PlugIns and Media Players

  • Adobe Reader
  • iTunes
  • Quicktime Picture Viewer
  • Windows Media Player
  • Flash Player
  • Shockwave
  • SilverLight


  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • UltraEdit – Text Editor
  • Google Drive App


  • CutePDF – Allows you to print any file as .pdf
  • Trend Micro – Antivirus Software


Academic Courseware (By Request)

  • Mathematica
  • KaleidaGraph


  • Safari


  • Microsoft Office – (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)


Should you have questions regarding software on your computer or how to obtain software please contact Information Technology Services.