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Resolved: Investigating a Colleague UI Issue.

Resolution:  This issue was resolved at 1:20pm on August 21, 2015.  Should you experience difficulty, please contact ITS.

Original Post: The ITS team is currently investigating an issue with Colleague.  As details are learned, information will be posted at this site.

Colleague login issues resolved

We believe the problems to be resolved with Colleague logins. Please report any problems to ITS if they arise.

Colleague login issues

Employees are experiencing trouble signing in to Ellucian Colleague this morning, receiving the error “Response arguments cannot be empty.” ITS is working to correct this issue.

WebAdvisor and Informer appear to be functioning normally.

Colleague Server Move Successful

The move to a new Colleague server (referenced last week on My Allegheny) was a success this weekend. Thanks to everyone involved in ITS and in the testing group for their hard work this year to prepare for and execute a successful migration. Please report any observed issues with Colleague, WebAdvisor or Informer to ITS.

The desktop shortcut was updated over the weekend to reference the new address. If you have this address bookmarked or favorited manually or separately, please update your link to:

WebAdvisor, Colleague, and Informer Resolved

ITS was able to resolve all issues with Colleague and related systems, including WebAdvisor and Informer. Please report any new issues as normal.