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September 9, 2014 is Count Day!

Count14Tuesday, September 9th is this semester’s Count Day when we verify that all of our student information is in sync for this semester.

As we have done in the past, the Colleague system (including Colleague Advancement for Development) will not be available to users from 10am to 5pm on this Tuesday, September 9th.

Please remind everyone that they have to log off of Colleague by 10am Tuesday (or they will be forced off Colleague at 10am).

Informer will remain up on Count Day. 

Resolved: WebAdvisor Issue (Reported)

Resolved: At approximately 1:10pm on 8/19/2014 the reported WebAdvisor issue was corrected.  There are no known issues with WebAdvisor at this point.  Should you experience issues please report to the ITS Help Desk by submitting a ticket or calling at 2755.

Original Post: Issues with WebAdvisor have been reported to the ITS Help Desk.  The Systems Manager has been informed.  He is currently investigating the issues.  As updates are available information will be posted.


Schedule Maintenance: Colleague, WebAdvisor, and Informer (8/7/14)

In order to resolve some ongoing issues, the admin service will be shutdown and restarted at noon on Thursday, August 7. It will be available again by 1:00pm. This will affect Colleague, WebAdvisor and Informer.

Informer 4.4.1 Upgrade Successful

The Informer web report server was upgraded to version 4.4.1. The upgrade was completely successful. If you are having issues logging in or running reports, follow these customary steps to ensure you are connecting properly to the new version:

1. Ensure your version of Informer (seen in the lower righthand corner of the login screen says Version 4.4.1). If it does not…

2. Force a screen refresh, by pressing Shift-F5. If this does not help….

3. Follow these useful instructions from Google on how to clear your browser’s temporary internet files:

Please follow these steps before contacting Computing Services as these steps solve issues in almost all cases.

Scheduled Update to Informer 4.4

On Wednesday (2/26/14) an upgrade of the Informer reporting service will be completed.  We do not expect there to be any significant outages for the service given the tests that we have run over the last week.

We will confirm completion of the upgrade on Wednesday.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Computing Services through the Help Desk at 2755.