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WebAdvisor, Colleague, and Informer Resolved

ITS was able to resolve all issues with Colleague and related systems, including WebAdvisor and Informer. Please report any new issues as normal.

WebAdvisor, Colleague and Informer issues

ITS is currently troubleshooting a problem preventing access to WebAdvisor, Colleague (formerly known as Datatel) and successful Informer report processing. We will post information as we become aware.

Resolved: Informer Report Issues

Resolution: The issue between College and Informer was resolved at approximately 8:30am.  Should you encounter issues retrieving Colleague Data through Informer at this point, please report the issue to ITS.

Original Post: Colleague-related reports running in Informer (either via the Web Dashboard or emailed scheduled jobs) are generating an error rather than the intended results.

ITS expects to have the problem resolved shortly.

Informer License Renewal

27DaysSeveral members of the community have informed ITS that the Informer is displaying a message that the license expires in xx number of days. ITS is aware of the expiration date and is waiting to receive the new license.

The message is an automatic message that ITS is not able to hide even though we have requested a new license according to practice 30 days prior.

We thank those who have noticed the message and reported it to the ITS Help Desk.  When one connects with ITS regarding an alert, whether license renewal, operating system error, or malware alert, you help to maintain the reliability of the campus technology environment.

Reminder for Colleague Users

Datatel ProductionIf you are a regular user of Colleague, you will need to start using Internet Explorer when using Colleague.

As noted in the post on April 16th, if you prefer to keep your default browser set to Chrome or another browser, ITS suggests setting Internet Explorer’s homepage to “” for ease of access to Colleague.  This will allow you to keep your preferred default browser yet still access Colleague with a simple double click.  

If you choose to do this, you will begin to access Colleague by clicking on the desktop shortcut for IE not the Colleague Production shortcut.

Should you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.