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EMS/Scheduler Server Upgrade

Update: The update was completed within the window.  If you are having troubles logging in to or EMS, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Original Post: EMS/Scheduler will be offline from 1:30pm – 3:30pm on Tuesday June 28, 2016 for scheduled maintenance.  When complete the newest version of EMS will be available for the campus community to schedule rooms and locations on campus at

Update: Power issue reported in Oddfellows

Update: The power issue affecting Odd Fellows was resolved by the Physical Plant and the provider.  As approximately 3:00pm on Monday (10/26) operations has returned to normal.  If you are experiencing electrical issues, please contact Physical Plant.

Original Post:The Help Desk was just informed a power issue that is affecting part of Odd Fellows. Portions of the basement and 1st floor are experiencing a power outage because of a supply line issue. It is affecting power in the basement classroom, offices, and parts of the network.

ITS is not aware of a timeline for repair or cause.  Should we learn more about how this outage is impacting technology in the building we will post to this site.  Questions regarding the cause or repair timeline should be directed to Physical Plant.

Resolved: Internet Connectivity

Resolution: The network appliance that at the cause of the network disruption was identified and reconfigured appropriately.  Members of the technical and networking group brought the device online approximately at 1:00 on 2/27.  The connection and the network appliance is being monitored and is currently performing as expected.

Original Post: There was network disruption reported today at approximately 11:45 on Friday (2/27). Members of the technical and networking group are investigating the disruption to identify the cause.  As updates are available, they will be posted to this site.


Network Disruption Corrected for Several Loomis Street Houses

wireless-connection-iconA network disruption that affected Internet access at several locations on Loomis St. was reported to Information Technology Services (ITS) Friday morning(10/17/14). A network technician was able to resolve the issue Friday morning around 9:20 am.

Log reports show the issue first occurred Thursday evening and was caused by a tripped power circuit. Power has been restored and all network services are back online.

Should you residence of Loomis Street houses experience an inability to access the internet at this point, they should contact the ITS Help Desk in Murray Hall.

A Short Outage

There was an unplanned outage as a bit of maintenance in the server room resulted in a brief disruption to our connection to the internet.  The short outage occurred at about 3:15pm on Tuesday, normal connectivity resumed by 3:18pm.  We apologize for any disruption this might have caused on your work day.