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Network Disruption Corrected for Several Loomis Street Houses

wireless-connection-iconA network disruption that affected Internet access at several locations on Loomis St. was reported to Information Technology Services (ITS) Friday morning(10/17/14). A network technician was able to resolve the issue Friday morning around 9:20 am.

Log reports show the issue first occurred Thursday evening and was caused by a tripped power circuit. Power has been restored and all network services are back online.

Should you residence of Loomis Street houses experience an inability to access the internet at this point, they should contact the ITS Help Desk in Murray Hall.

A Short Outage

There was an unplanned outage as a bit of maintenance in the server room resulted in a brief disruption to our connection to the internet.  The short outage occurred at about 3:15pm on Tuesday, normal connectivity resumed by 3:18pm.  We apologize for any disruption this might have caused on your work day.

Update: Working Networking Issue in College Houses on Prospect Street

Update: This issue was resolved at approximately 6:00pm on 2/3/14.  The Residence Hall Network Technician followed up with residents of the the houses to confirm their internet access was restored.

Original Post: There was an issue reported with no Internet/Network access at 298 Prospect St.   On investigation network administrators found water damage which caused a power circuit to trip.

The Director of the Network and Technical Services is configuring a replacement switch along with supporting equipment. Internet access is expected to be restored later this afternoon.

This issue is affecting 298 Prospect and 294 Prospect Street.

Update – Sample Chart from Image

Update:  Today, those who are subscribe to the Computing News and Notes Headline Email received this chart  in your email.

The message was unintentionally delivered even though steps were taken to prevent the message being sent.   The message sent was merely a test of the ability to include an image generated from a Google Spreadsheet within a WordPress post.   The image comes from a proof of concept that was developed as a resource to support conversations around the wireless network.  

If you have further questions about the information in the chart, how to produce such a chart using Google Forms, or how to include such a chart in one of your posts, please contact Computing Services.  We would be happy to work with you on your idea.

Resolved: Windows 8 Works on AC-Wireless

wireless-connection-iconAt about 11:00am on January 13, 2014, the issue several experienced with Windows 8 connecting to AC-Wireless was resolved.

The root of the issue was Windows 8’s inability to access the security certificate necessary to allow laptops to authenticate on the network. A minor tweak to the certificate resolved the issue and now computers running Windows 8 can authenticate.

If you continue to experience problems signing on to AC-Wireless, please bring your laptop, tablet, or phone to the Computing Services Help Desk in Murray Hall.  User Support Specialists will be happy to help you connect.