Accessing Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian (formerly Datatel) Colleague (R18) is the college’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and touches every area of college operation and function.  It can be accessed one of the following ways:

  • WebAdvisor – Web based self service access for students, grade and class roster access for faculty, time sheet entry and approval for work study students and their supervisors and other functions.
  • “Datatel” User Interface – Desktop client and web based software used by administration and staff and view and maintain college records.  The software the college uses is called Colleague, but has been referred to over the years by the name of the company who created it, “Datatel”.  Now that Datatel has changed their name to Ellucian, following the acquisition of competitor Sungard Higher Education (Banner), we have chosen to refer to what we use by the name of the actual software package.  Colleague is only accessible via the college campus network, or via a secure connection to the college’s campus network. (See “Getting Access” for more details.)
  • Informer – Web based dashboard/reporting tool to view and report from official college records. Informer is also only accessible via the college campus network as described above.

Getting access to the administrative system

  • WebAdvisor is accessed by students via their Allegheny network username and password (same as Google Apps, Sakai, lab computers…)
  • WebAdvisor and Informer are accessed by employees via their Allegheny network username and password.
  • Colleague access is granted through approval by one’s supervisor and AIS.  For security purposes, it uses a separate username/password scheme from all other systems.
  • Access to all three systems is limited based on user type and job function.  If your job function requires you to have access to view or edit in an area that you do not currently have access to, contact your supervisor and/or your AIS support person to arrange a review of your access.

Informer and Colleague are only accessible via the college campus network.  In certain limited circumstances, access can be granted off-campus via a secure connection.  To request this access, please speak with your supervisor and/or your AIS support person.

Learning more about the administrative system

AIS provides training opportunities both internally and through partnerships with Ellucian.  Examples of these opportunities, open to interested users on campus are:

  • General Informer and Colleague classroom training
  • Department specific Informer and Colleague classroom training
  • AIS consultation and visits with users and departments
  • Monthly meetings of the DOIT group, the Allegheny Datatel users group
  • Annual data entry best practice review
  • Attendance at the regional and national Datatel Users Group conferences, also known as PADUG and DUG.
  • Participation in the Datatel Users Group online forums.
  • Ellucian on-campus or conference call consulting, ranging from an hour to a week.
  • Ellucian-led classroom training, virtual, on-campus or in person at their headquarters in Fairfax, VA or other regional sites.