Junior Seminars

In most cases, students carry out their senior research project in the lab of a Biochemistry faculty member based in the same department as that in which the Junior Seminar was based. However, if you and a Biochemistry faculty member housed in another supporting department work out a project of mutual interest, you may register for that person’s section of the Biochemistry Senior Project (Biochem 600 & 610).

Depending on what aspects of Biochemistry interest you most, you may fulfill the Junior Seminar requirement by taking a Junior Seminar based in either of the two departments that co-sponsor the Biochemistry program:

Biology 580 (sections taught by Biochemistry-affiliated faculty)

Chemistry 584

A practical introduction to laboratory techniques and research methods used in the senior project.  Multi-week projects are undertaken to investigate chemical systems.  Reliance on the literature to plan and execute independent investigations is required.  Modern instrumentation is utilized for each project.  An emphasis is placed on good written and oral communication skills.  Taught in the spring semester. Prerequisite: FS CHEM 201. Credit: Two semester hours.

Check WebAdvisor and the on-line course catalogue for scheduling information and course descriptions.