Resource Guides

The resource guides below offer advice about career-related topics. For copies of these resources (and others), visit Career Education located in Pelletier Library.

Resume/Cover Letter Development

Developing Professional Documents Guidebook: Check out this guide to help develop your cover letter, resume, and reference page.

Resume Review Checklist: Check out this checklist to help in the resume review process.

Skills Employers Seek (PDF): Review the skills that you as a liberal arts student have and learn how to describe those skills to employers.

Interview Preparation

Preparing for the Interview Guide: Check out information about types of interviews, how to prepare for interviews, salary negotiation, and how to write thank-you messages.

The STAR Model: A useful tool in preparing to answer behavioral based interview questions.

Elevator Pitch (PDF): Also known as The answer to “Tell me about yourself”, the LinkedIn “Summary”, and the Gator Connect “About Me” section.

Other Resources

How to Make Job Fairs Work for You: How you can succeed when attending Career Fairs.

Networking: Learn the benefits of networking and how to network online and in-person.

The Student 4 Year Guide/The Family Guide to Career Education: Review this plan for a guide to your four years at Allegheny. Family members can also assist students with developing a career exploration plan.