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National Radio Program to Spotlight Faculty Research at Allegheny College

Six Allegheny College professors will be featured on “The Academic Minute,” a national radio broadcast and podcast that highlights research from colleges and universities throughout the world, beginning on Monday, May 25.

Starting with Monday’s broadcast, five of the professors will “take over” “The Academic Minute” program for the week. Each day, one Allegheny faculty member will discuss their research and important topics in their fields of study, focusing on what’s new and exciting in academia.

“The Academic Minute” is broadcast by WAMC/Northeast Public Radio on 90.3-FM (1400-AM) in Albany, New York, airing weekdays at 7:30 a.m. and 3:56 p.m. The show, which is carried on 70 stations around the United States and Canada, is hosted by Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, president of [...]
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Allegheny’s New Innovation and Creativity Lab Brings Technology to the Students

When you enter the new Allegheny Lab for Innovation and Creativity, you walk into a space bristling with cutting-edge technology. In the fabrication lab, there’s a bank of 3D printers, a laser cutter and a three-axis CNC machine. Go a little further and you enter a computer design lab with neatly aligned rows of workstations, where students envision robots that will carry out tasks such as sampling soil and water.

It’s a very different looking teaching space on the campus of a liberal arts college such as Allegheny.

“It allows students to work with these technologies in a mindful way,” says Byron Rich, director of art, science and innovation at Allegheny. The world is better off having Allegheny College graduates who also [...]
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Allegheny Welcomes New Faculty

From a native of Italy who speaks five languages to a motocross enthusiast, Allegheny’s new faculty members bring many unique backgrounds and qualities to the campus classrooms in the fall of 2019. Let’s meet each of them briefly:

Kathryn Bender Assistant Professor of Economics

Kathryn Bender joins the Economics Department this fall and is helping students discover the economics of natural resources. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Centre College and her master’s and doctorate from the Ohio State University.

“I’m excited to start at Allegheny this fall,” says Bender. “I’m involved in several projects on consumer food-waste behavior and hope to find new avenues to explore at Allegheny around this topic.”

Her dissertation, “Date Labels and Food Waste: A study of the effect of [...]
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Allegheny College Awarded Grant from Mozilla Foundation

Allegheny College received a $144,252 grant from the Mozilla Foundation for the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, a partnership of Omidyar Network, Mozilla, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Oliver Bonham-Carter, assistant professor of computer science, will direct the grant project, which aims to integrate ethics and social responsibility into undergraduate computer science courses.

“Through this grant, Allegheny computer science students will investigate potential ethical and societal challenges while studying fields like artificial intelligence and data analytics,” Bonham-Carter said. “For example, they might interrogate how medical data is analyzed, used or secured.” Lessons will include readings, hands-on activities and talks from experts in the field.

Allegheny’s grant is part of Stage I of the challenge, in which 17 initiatives received a total of [...]
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Allegheny Faculty-Student Team Helps Develop Underwater Robots to Perform Lake Research

David Boughton of Penn State’s Sea Grant College program last summer was looking for a way to collect more encompassing data when he samples water quality in lakes in northwest Pennsylvania, including the murky expanses of Lake Erie.

So he sought the help of Allegheny College Computer Science Professor Janyl Jumadinova and one of her students to help design and build research robots that have the capability to take waterproof sensors underwater for several hours at a time and transmit a bounty of data.

“David wanted to send robots to different depths and collect a range of data over a period of hours as opposed to just dropping a sensor overboard on a line and taking a random sample,” says Jumadinova.

And so [...]
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Allegheny’s Marisol Santa Cruz Wins Gilman Award to Study in India

Allegheny College junior Marisol Santa Cruz has been awarded a $4,000 Gilman International Scholarship in order to help defray the costs of her participation in an Experiential Learning Seminar trip to India in May 2019.

“After conducting extensive archival research in the summer of 2018 under the supervision of Professor Ishita Sinha Roy, I was on a mission to complete my goal of being able to study abroad,” says Santa Cruz, who is from Santa Ana, California.

Junior Marisol Santa Cruz has received a scholarship to study in India in 2019.

Santa Cruz will be accompanying a group of students and faculty members to India from May 13 to June 3 to study India’s experiments with globalization across its 5,000-year history. As the [...]
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Ford Chapel Instrument Chimes in With New Sounds on Allegheny Campus

Junior music major Jacob Sutter drops his coat and backpack in a pew in the balcony of Ford Memorial Chapel on a chilly December morning and fires up the small keyboard in front of him. Soon the strains of the “Bell Tree Peal” are resounding across the Allegheny College campus.

That’s followed by “Be Thou My Vision,” “Scarborough Fair,” “Ode to Joy,” “Sweet and Low,” “Imagine,” “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and, of course, “Alma Mater Beatissima.”

The 100-year-old Crawford Chimes, a 14-note set of Deagan tower chimes in Ford Chapel, were refurbished in the fall of 2018, and now the sounds of music ring across campus several days a week, thanks to Sutter, who also plays the piano during religious services [...]
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Allegheny Students Develop Ad Campaign, Film Commercial

Clay Dawson stood under a giant American flag hanging from the plant’s rafters and studied his lines.

A few steps away, Allegheny College senior Shu Yi Tang flipped through sheets of paper that laid out the entire video shoot in detail: what scenes would be filmed and when, where and how they would be shot, and the people involved in each.

Lily Loreno, a senior at Allegheny, framed the opening scene with her hands, her fingers forming a square in front of her face. Sophomore Margaret West wheeled the camera into place.

“Every single second (of the video) has to be exactly perfect,” West, a 20-year-old communication arts major, said later.

The Allegheny trio had an important client to impress: Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc., [...]
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Wenskovitch presents research at symposium

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science John Wenskovitch presented “FluxE: Exploring Flux in Astrophysical Simulations” at the SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Visualization in Macao. This paper and the accompanying software were written in collaboration with Associate Professor of Physics Jamie Lombardi and Roger Hatfull ’16.

Food Hub, Mobile Market Bring Fresh Food to Community

The burgeoning farm-to-table movement is getting some help from some tech-savvy students at Allegheny College.

Working under the direction of Assistant Professor of Computer Science Janyl Jumadinova, two students — junior Maria Kim and sophomore Jesse Del Greco — are developing an “online food hub,” a website aimed at connecting the community with the region’s farmers. It’s one of the many ways Allegheny faculty and staff are working to educate the public about the availability and benefits of fresh, locally grown food.

Once launched, the still-unnamed site will allow users to search for sellers of specific produce within a selected geographic range. Buyers — limited to restaurants and other bulk purchasers, initially — will be able to place orders online and [...]
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