Looking forward to our “new normal”

Dear Allegheny College Campus Community,

I am pleased to inform you that the recent cluster appears to have subsided. Credit goes to the wonderful students who facilitated contact tracing and tolerated isolation and quarantine, as well as to a handful of those amazing people who were vaccinated as soon as it was available to them.

Planning is underway for next year — when we will be fully in-person — and relevant policies are being drafted. We are looking forward to a “new normal” for the upcoming academic year with a return to in-person classes, labs, studios, residence, dining, student activities, and campus events. As we move forward, the foundation of our “new normal” will be based on appropriate health practices, an assumption that vaccinations will be widely available, and Allegheny’s deep commitment to academic quality and supporting the best possible student experience. An updated Allegheny College Pandemic Safety Policy will be published in the next few weeks.

Three weeks to the end of the semester!

Gator Strong.

Dr. Morrow