Preparing for a safe, robust campus experience this fall

Dear Allegheny College Community,

We are writing with an update on the pandemic response at Allegheny College. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and there are 97 students on campus along with numerous faculty and staff. Here at ACHA, we are hard at work preparing for a safe, robust in-person campus experience for this fall.

First, an update on masks. As of today, June 28, vaccinated persons may remove their masks while outside and inside on the Allegheny College campus. Vaccinated persons are not required to be physically distanced from each other. Unvaccinated persons are required to keep their masks on at all times and be physically distanced. We may revise the masking policy in the fall depending on Allegheny College student vaccine rates. We are waiting for guidance from the CDC on masking in the classroom setting in the fall. Masks will be temporarily required on move-in days for those involved in the move-in process. Please contact ACHA with concerns.

Not everyone will be ready to remove their masks; Gators regard each other with respect and compassion.

Our current reported vaccination rates:

Vaccinated Unreported
Rising Seniors 70% 30%
Rising Juniors 64% 36%
Rising Sophomores 61% 39%
Incoming First-years and Transfers 46% 54%

We are still waiting for many employees and students to report their vaccination status. ACHA members have been calling hundreds of persons who have not reported their vaccine status; please answer our call or email your vaccine card to If you lost your card, let us know — we can help. Remember that vaccination is mandated for all students; religious exemption and medical exemption applications are due July 2, and final decisions will be communicated by mid-July.

A sneak peek at fall…All learning will be in person. There will be no campus quarantine. Vaccinated students will receive a rapid test upon move-in and then are welcome to immediately join in welcome activities, socialize with friends, and dine in person. COVID-19 testing will continue to take place in the Wise Center; vaccinated students will be tested 1–2 times during the semester. Those whose vaccine exemptions are approved and remain unvaccinated will be required to participate in a 1–2 day quarantine upon move-in, remain masked at all times, and participate in weekly testing for COVID-19 for their safety. More information will be available next month when we release the Allegheny College Pandemic Response Plan for 2021–2022.

Gator Strong.

Dr. Morrow