Updates on vaccine boosters, testing, travel, and more

Dear Allegheny College community,

As we end the second week of the academic year, I am writing to inform you of several updates.

Vaccine boosters: Meadville Medical Center (MMC) has agreed to come to campus to dispense COVID-19 vaccine booster shots at such time as they receive FDA approval and are recommended by the CDC. No date has been set. The expected recommendation is for the booster to be administered eight months after the second dose, but that remains to be confirmed.

Pennsylvania Mask Mandate for K-12: Allegheny College follows the CDC recommendations for Institutes of Higher Education. Given that we currently have zero active cases, the College will continue to operate without a mask mandate at this time. Those who wish to mask on campus are encouraged to do so. If you feel ill, please wear a mask and email ACHA or visit the Winslow Health Center.

Testing update:

  • We tested 1,582 students and 270 employees during the two weeks prior to August 23, with one partially vaccinated student testing positive.
  • We have tested 942 students and 347 employees since August 23, with one positive partially vaccinated student and one positive vaccinated employee (described below).
  • ACHA partnered with LITS to set up a new test scheduling system based on Google calendar. Appointments are available weekdays, some mornings and some evenings.

Illness update:

  • One vaccinated employee tested positive for COVID-19 last week. This person was asymptomatic and had been on campus without a mask. Contact tracing identified 28 close contacts. One unvaccinated contact is in quarantine at home. Twenty-seven vaccinated close contacts continued to work and study in person, while masking and distancing under direction from ACHA. COVID-19 tests were administered to all on days 5 and 7, with day 0 being the date of contact. All 27 contacts have tested negative twice.
  • One partially vaccinated student who arrived late to campus last week tested positive for COVID-19 when they arrived to move in. They are recovering well off campus. No Allegheny College close contacts were identified.

Travel update: travel is unrestricted for vaccinated persons. However, help keep our campus safe by registering your travel here so that we can invite you to test 3-5 days after your return. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend safely!

Gator strong. Gator safe.

Dr. Morrow