Update about COVID-19 testing on campus

Dear Allegheny College community,

I am writing with an update about COVID-19 testing on campus, which is key to our efforts to keep the Allegheny community as safe and healthy as possible. As of next week, we will stop using the Abbot BINAX rapid antigen test due to supply chain issues that are impacting thousands of the company’s customers.

Fortunately, our partner from last year, Inspire, is able to provide us with an ample supply of rapid tests. Beginning with tests conducted on Monday, September 13, we will return to the Inspire app and website that we used so successfully last year to keep our community safe.

LITS has worked in partnership with Inspire so that all users in our current Navica system should already have an Inspire account. You will continue to receive testing invitations via email from ACHA and, when invited, will be able to sign up for appointments directly through Inspire using your Allegheny email. Students and employees will not be charged for these tests, and there will be no billing to insurance companies.

In addition, Cindy Huya will continue as our COVID-19 nurse, and our robust testing protocols will not change as we continue to test as follows:

  • All Allegheny College community members at least every other week
  • Unvaccinated students and employees weekly
  • Travelers within 3-5 days of return from travel
  • Ill persons as needed

Gators continue to show up for their COVID-19 tests, wear their masks when ill, and follow safety protocols when in the local community where transmission rates are high. We keep each other safe.

Nice work.

Dr. Morrow