Creek Geek Knowledgy Rules

  • All answers must be in the form of questions (optional).
  •  The teacher will not be reading the questions like Alex does on the show, so teams can “buzz in” as soon as they want (optional).
  • There will be a time limit for a team to “buzz in”.
  • To “buzz in” will be defined as follows: ALL team members must raise their hand. The first team with all members with hands raised will be picked to answer the question. Judgment of who is first is at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Once a team buzzes in, they will only have 10 seconds to respond to the question. You can talk it over with your team before responding, but once a response has been “shouted out,” that response will be considered the team’s answer.
  • If a response is incorrect, the teacher will say “incorrect” and another group can buzz in (first group to have ALL team members hands raised). Your team can only “buzz in” once per every answer screen.
  • Correct responses are awarded the amount of points that the screen shows. The scorekeeper will add this amount to your score.
  • Incorrect responses will result in the amount shown on the screen being subtracted from your score. The scorekeeper will do this.
  • If nobody buzzes in or if nobody responds correctly, selection of the next category and amount goes to the team that responded correctly to the previous question.
  • There are two daily doubles. Any amount a team has can be wagered. A maximum of $500.00 can be wagered for teams with insufficient funds (< $500.00). If the answer is incorrect, no other team can buzz in. The team that participated in the daily double picks the next category/amount.

Final Knowledgy

  • Only those teams with positive amounts of money can play.
  • A category for the question will be revealed and based on their feelings about this category, teams can wager any amount of money, but only of what money amount they actually have. Write this amount on a piece of paper.
  • You will have roughly 30 seconds (until the song stops playing) to come up with a correct response written on paper, in the form of a question. You will not be able to change your answer after the 30 seconds has elapsed.
  • Incorrect responses lose the amount wagered.
  • Correct responses are awarded the amount wagered.


The team with the most money/points at the end of the game wins