Oliver Bonham-Carter

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Email: obonhamcarter@allegheny.edu
Office Phone: (814) 332-2907
Office Building: Alden Hall
Office Room: 104
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Assistant Professor

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B.S., Creighton University, Biology; M.S, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Mathematics; PhD, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Information Science and Technology with specialization in Bioinformatics

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My bioinformatics research interests include protein-protein interactions in the muscles, under the influences of microgravity (weightlessness) and of other cellular stresses, which may result in crippling microbiological oxidative activities. These lethal effects may lead to a general unraveling of protein structure and hence, function, during a course of functional protein degradation. For this post-translational modification research, I have created analytical tools using knowledge from biology, mathematics and computer science to help to discover points of failure across mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial protein sequence data. This work is to further investigate protein longevity and to be able to predict the initiation of ailments stemming from protein malfunctions which are suffered by astronauts and people on Earth, alike. In my research I address different aspects leading to the breaking of protein constituents which cause major losses of muscular mass, ability and control. In addition, the knowledge from my work may lead to the discovery of causes for the onset of diseases associated with aging including: Alzheimers, Huntingtons and Parkinsons disease.

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