Allegheny College continues on a journey to be ever more welcoming, embracing and respectful. Our efforts grow from sincere conviction and are rooted in the highest ideals that reflect our fundamental and unconditional commitment to the inherent dignity of every member of our community. This is at the center of all that we do.

Since 1888, when William Jason, Allegheny’s first African American student graduated from the College, Allegheny has embraced diverse students, faculty and other community members – all of whom contribute to a culture that fosters intellectual inquiry, research and artistic endeavors. The strength of our institution throughout our history comes from a community that celebrates academic rigor and inclusiveness to individuals of all backgrounds, identities, cultures and beliefs.

As Allegheny works to promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our community, the resources on our Diversity and Inclusion site reflect the continually growing range of programs we proudly offer to support this effort.

Inclusive. Respectful. Safe.

Statement of Community

Allegheny students and employees are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful and safe residential learning community that will actively confront and challenge racism, sexism, heterosexism, religious bigotry, and other forms of harassment and discrimination.

We encourage individual growth by promoting a free exchange of ideas in a setting that values diversity, trust and equality.

So that the right of all to participate in a shared learning experience is upheld, Allegheny affirms its commitment to the principles of freedom of speech and inquiry, while at the same time fostering responsibility and accountability in the exercise of these freedoms.

Interactive Timeline

Diversity Highlights at Allegheny

Our interactive Diversity Highlights illustrates novel approaches throughout our history in diversity, equity and inclusion programs and innovations. Included are achievements in curricular and co-curricular programming, groundbreaking Allegheny graduates, renowned campus visitors, and individuals who have held the senior-most diversity leadership positions at Allegheny through the years.

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Shared Commitment

Campus Diversity Partners

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At-A-Glance Resources

Diversity in the Curriculum

Academic diversity programs give you the opportunity to expand and enhance your academic major by taking courses specifically designed to develop and increase cultural competency. These programs aid in meeting the challenges of existing in a global society and workplace.

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All-Gender Living

Allegheny College offers all-gender housing to interested students and provides all-gender restrooms in numerous academic and administrative building locations on campus.

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Statistics, Facts, and Figures

The Allegheny Office of Institutional Research collects, analyzes, and reports on information pertaining to college enrollment, diversity, and graduation.

Information about the diversity of the student body can be found here and is updated annually.

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