Council on Diversity and Equity

Committee Description

The Council on Diversity and Equity (CoDE) is a standing committee of the College composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and students. CoDE is primarily an oversight committee with the essential functions of advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Allegheny College; making policy recommendations to the Administrative Executive Council (AEC), Allegheny Student Government (ASG), Faculty Council, the Board of Trustees, and other appropriate Allegheny College governing bodies or offices; reviewing and evaluating the College’s progress towards diversity, equity, and inclusion; and considering and addressing any relevant issues presented to the Council by any member of the College community.  For CoDE to perform these principal functions, it must receive relevant data annually from the College’s senior diversity officer, Human Resources, Provost and Dean of the College, Public Safety, Senior Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions, Vice President for Information Services and Assessment, Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students, and/or other College units.

Current Members

Dean Kristin Dukes (co-chair)

Faculty Representatives
Caryl Waggett (faculty co-chair)
Sami Alkyam   (faculty co-chair)
Aravind Mohan
Paula Burleigh

Staff Representative
Vann Hunt

Student Representatives
Gabrielle Susoiu Tcaciuc
Luka Kathman
Jennifer Peralta

updated 3/1/2022