Strategic Planning Committee

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

Committee Description

The strategic Planning Committee is responsible for monitoring the College’s written strategic planning documents and long-range planning activities.

Current Members


  • Eric Pallant – Co-Chair
  • Tricia Humphreys
  • Julia Ludewig
  • Stephen Onyeiwu


  • Eileen Petula Co-Chair – EVP/COO
  • Ron Cole – AEC – Provost & Dean of the College
  • Rick Holmgren – Vice President for Information Services and Assessment
  • Linda Wetsell – Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • April Thompson – Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Other Allegheny Community Members:

  • Camila Gomez – ASG President
  • Kelly Boulton – AAC Representative
  • Linda Lees – SAC Representative

Updated 11/12/2018