Health Professions Advisory

Documents [Minutes maintained in Pre-Professional Studies Office]

Committee Description

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is comprised of four faculty members appointed by Faculty Council, and four students elected by their peers.  The purpose of the Committee is to guide the Health Professions Advisor on academic and programmatic issues.  Faculty members of the Committee interview Allegheny students during the spring semester prior to the students’ applications to professional school.   Student members on the Committee serve as a liaison between their peers and the Health Professions Advisor.  Many changes have been made over the years due to student suggestions and feedback.  Student members also assist with Admissions functions, both at large scale programs and by meeting individually with prospective students.

Current Members

  • Brent Carswell, Mathematics (0.5)
  • Steven Farrelly-Jackson, Philosophy (2)
  • Margaret Nelson, Biology & Biochemistry (2)
  • Jenny Votava, English (1)
  • Kirsten Peterson, Co-Chair, Director of Pre-professional Studies


  • Tyanna Harris
  • MacKenzie Weinstein
  • Logan Welch
  • Lisa Yoder

updated 09/13/2017