Susan Slote, Director of Education Studies & Assistant Professor of English, Thomas M. and Sarah Stewart St. Clair Professorship
(EDUC 100: Introduction to Education Studies; ENGL 350: Children’s Literature)

Jennifer Franz, TBSOL Instructor/Learning Specialist
(EDUC 160: Teaching English Language Learners)

Jennifer Foreman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
(EDUC 150: Foundations of Special Education; PSYCH 106: Education Psychology; EDUC 542: Internship Seminar)

Cheryl Leech, Instructor of Mathematics
(MATH 135: Elementary School Mathematics)

Heather Moore Roberson, Assistant Professor of Community and Justice Studies
(EDUC/COMJ 310: Multicultural Education)

Steering Committee: Professors S. Slote, Foreman, Leech, Moore, O’Day-Frye, Weisman, Whitenack, Franz.