Faculty / Staff


Headshot of Casey Bradshaw-Wilson
Casey Bradshaw-Wilson
Associate Professor
Headshot of Delia Byrnes
Delia Byrnes
Assistant Professor
Adrienne Krone
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Sustainability and Religious Studies
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Tamara Misner
Visiting Assistant Professor
Headshot of Chris Shaffer
Chris Shaffer
GIS Manager/Instructor
Headshot of Jesse Swann-Quinn
Jesse Swann-Quinn
Assistant Professor


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Lora Barkley
Academic Building Coordinator
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Kelly Boulton
Director of Sustainability
Headshot of Laura Branby
Laura Branby
Creek Connections Pittsburgh Area Educator and Camp Director
Headshot of Kurt Hatcher
Kurt Hatcher
Sustainability Coordinator , Administrator
Headshot of Wendy Kedzierski
Wendy Kedzierski
Director of Creek Connections - Project Director, Creek Connections