Senior Project Schedule and Guidelines 2017-2018

Week of March 7 Receive ES Department Senior Project Schedule for 2017-2018 and link to faculty advisor preference form by email.
By Friday, March 11 Submit faculty advisor preference form electronically by noon.
By Monday, March 28 Receive notification of senior project advisor and appropriate section of ES 600 to register for.
By Thursday, April 23 Register for the appropriate section of the Senior Project (ES 600) before 5 pm by submitting signature card to the Registrar’s Office.
By Tuesday, August 29 Register for and attend the appropriate section of ES 600.
By Friday, September 8 Submit an electronic copy of the Fall Form, including the name of your project advisor, the title of your project, and a two-sentence description of your project.
By Friday, September 29 Submit a 1900-2200 word proposal to your committee (first and second readers).
By Friday, October 13 Complete your proposal meeting with your committee.
By Tuesday, December 12 Full Introduction, Process/Approach, and Preliminary Results due to senior project advisor.  (Failure to meet any of these deadlines will result in a grade penalty.)
By Monday,
January 29
Register for the appropriate section of ES 610.
By Friday, March 9 Submit a first draft of your written thesis to your advisor.
By Monday, April 2 Submit a final draft of your written thesis to each member of your committee by 5:00 pm. (Failure to meet this deadline will result in a full letter grade penalty, plus an additional letter grade penalty for each additional week past this date.)
By Friday, April 20 Complete your oral defense of your senior project before your committee.
By Tuesday, May 2 Step 1. Submit to your advisor a signed Project Permission Form which will be distributed in senior seminar during the week of April 11.
Step 2. Submit an electronic copy of your abstract via the ES Department Abstract Form to the department and by email to your advisor.
Step 3. Submit an electronic copy of your thesis to Pelletier Library according to instructions here:  (Your grade cannot be submitted – and therefore you will not graduate until Steps 1 through 3 have been completed to the satisfaction of your advisor.)

Senior Project Guidelines 2017-2018

Demystifying the Comp

Evaluation and Grading

Comp Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for Written Comp

Submitting Your Comp