Commuter and Off-Campus Housing Policy

Choosing to live off-campus means students’ do not have the overhead involved with on-campus housekeeping, amenities and maintenance. As a result, it is recognized that students have fewer costs associated with living in the Meadville community. Therefore, the standard cost of attendance (COA) for a student living off-campus is less than those with on-campus housing. Since there is a reduction to the COA, there will be a decrease to a student’s financial need as well.

Consequently, students choosing to live off-campus may find a reduction in their need-based gift assistance, specifically to their institutional grants. However, the merit scholarship (Trustee and Alumni) scholarships are not based on financial need, and therefore, are not reduced based on student housing choice.

There are a number of reasons some students will seek to have an off-campus status, which will allow them to attend Allegheny College while living at home with their parents and/or guardians or within the Meadville community.
However, students must request a housing status change with Residence Life using this form if they meet exemptions from the on-campus residency requirement, which stipulates all students are required to live in campus housing for 4 years or 8 full semesters.