2012 Student Directory

These are students who did a self-designed major in global health or whose major was in a particular department but focused on global health projects.

All of these students pre-date the official start of the Global Health Studies major (though for some the Global Health and Development minor was an option).

Sonja DeJong ‘12 Assessing Health Media: Can Successful Anti-Smoking Campaigns be Applied to Childhood Obesity Reduction and Prevention Efforts?

Brittany Johnson ’12 Jumping your Way into a Healthier Lifestyle (intervention with low-income families to improve eating habits and develop greater social network)

Jessica Gallagher ‘12 Perceptions of Prenatal Health in Amish and Mennonite Populations in Northwest Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn Huser ‘12 Assessing the effectiveness of cleaning for lead dust and communicating results on family cleaning patterns