2013 Student Directory

These are students who did a self-designed major in global health or whose major was in a particular department but focused on global health projects.

All of these students pre-date the official start of the Global Health Studies major (though for some the Global Health and Development minor was an option).

Ryan Napper ‘13 Promotion of Haemophilus ducreyi growth by Mycobacterium smegmatis and the inhibition of growth by redblush grapefruit essential oil

Ashley Baronner ’13 An Investigation of the Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Effects of Cinnamon Oil on Streptozocin-induced Type 2 Diabetic Rats

Sarah Morgan ‘13 Healthy Air in the Home: determining how fine particulate matter disperses within a home

Krystle Castillo ’13 Preschool Counts: Judging the Efficacy of Environmental Health Oriented Outreach Efforts Targeted at Preschoolers and their Parents

Megan King ’13 Water Fluoridation in Meadville, Pennsylvania: An explanation of what is at risk through film