2015 Student Directory

Shelby Overman ’15 Behavioral Impacts and Global Health Implications of a Gluten, Casein, and Soy Free Diet in VPA Model Autistic Rats

Erica Bryson ’15 Community Health Needs Assessment: A Collaborative Process for Survey Development

Lee Adelsheim ’15 Lower Perceived Socioeconomic Status is Associated with Exaggerated Cardiovascular Reactivity to Stress

Cailyn Lingwall ’15 An Evaluation of Physical Activity among Preschoolers at an Income-Eligible “Pre-K Counts” Program in a Rural Northwest Pennsylvania Community

Katie Katilius ’15 Children’s Asthma Healthcare in Meadville

Madison Monahan ’15 Similarities and Differences Between an ADHD Summer Treatment Program and Classroom Dynamics: Recognizing the Problematic Issues Surrounding ADHD Behaviors

Mary Nagel ’15 A Proposed Food Access Initiative for Meadville, Eat Well, Be Well: The Meadville Mobile Market Pennsylvania Project

Hannah Snell-Larch ’15 Causes of Sex Slavery in South and Southeast Asian Countries

Jessica Mazzoni ’15 International rights and obligations to health with efforts to combat micronutrient deficiency: preventing neonatal vitamin A deficiency through supplementation in the mouse model.