Adding Phone Number or Email to Self Service

Adding your phone number or email to Self Service will provide you with an alternative way to reset your password if you don’t have your old password for your Allegheny account, or didn’t change it in time. 


Before you start, log out of all non-Allegheny Gmail accounts (personal, work, etc.) on your device. Self Service and other Allegheny College services often will not work as expected if they detect that you are logged into any Gmail account other than your account.
  1. Log in to Self Service:
    Screenshot of the main dashboard in the Self Service portal.
  2. Click the User Options button on the left hand side bar.
    Screenshot of the user menu in Self Service, highlighting "User Options"
  3. Choose User Profile.
    Screenshot of the "User Profile" in Self Service
  4. Scroll down to the Phone Numbers section and click the Add new phone button.
    Screenshot of the "Phone numbers" page in a Self Service user profile
  5. Enter your information and click Add Phone.
    Screenshot of the "Enter Phone Details" dialog box in Self Service
  6. Alternatively, find the Email addresses section to add an email address.
    Screenshot of the email addresses dialog box in Self Service