Obtaining ChemDraw Prime for Your Personal Computer

Allegheny College has purchased a site license for ChemDraw Prime. Anyone with a valid allegheny.edu email address is entitled to download and install this software on their personally owned computer. If you do not have a valid allegheny.edu email address, you will not be able to receive an activation code and the software will not run.

  1. Start at this link: https://sitelicense.cambridgesoft.com/
    Screenshot of Cambridgesoft site license web page
  2. Scroll down the page to Allegheny and click the link to the version you want to download or activate.Screenshot of the Allegheny portion of the Cambridgesoft site license page
  3. Depending on your previous activity with ChemDraw Prime, you will either need to complete a new user registration or sign in if you previously created an account.
    Screenshot of the registration page for PerkinElmer Download Center
  4. If you register as a new user, check your Allegheny email for instructions to activate your account, log into the Download Center, and download the software.
  5. At the Download Center Product Information page, choose the version you want to download.
    Screenshot of the Download Center Product Information page
  6. At the next screen, choose your download option.
    Screenshot of the Product Download page
  7. You will be prompted to enter an activation code during the installation of your software. You will need to choose “Order History” from the menu on the left.
    Screenshot showing the "Order History" link on the left
  8. Click the link related to the product you downloaded.
    Screenshot from the Order History page
  9. Your activation code will be listed on the Order Detail page.
    Screenshot from the Order Detail page