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International Studies is an interdivisional, liberal arts program that endeavors to develop and relate those analytical skills most appropriate for the examination of increasingly complex interactions among nations and regions of the world. It draws upon the disciplines of economics, history, language, and political science. The principal goals of the major are: a) to develop understanding of the interrelationships of domestic and international politics and economic policies and of the implications of historical and sociological developments for those politics and policies; b) to provide students with tools and modes of analysis pertinent to these relationships; c) to help students think analytically in interrelated fields; and d) to help students develop intercultural competence.

Allegheny’s long-established program in International Studies is designed to provide training for individuals who are considering careers in government service, international agencies and organizations, international business and law, and international education. The program pairs theoretical coursework with regionally-focused courses. It also asks students to reach designated language proficiency and to study abroad.

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International Studies Steering Committee

Many Allegheny faculty teach courses in the multidisciplinary international studies program. Members of the committee represent the principal disciplines involved in the program, and they help students select a program of study. The members of the committee include:

Laura Reeck, Chair  Regional focus: France, North Africa.  Areas of interest: contemporary culture and society, the banlieue cultural field, postcolonial immigration and diaspora, the North African community in France.

Chris Finaret  Regional focus: Central Africa, Colombia. Areas of interest: development economics; policy, strategy, and programming evaluation.

Wilfredo Hernández Regional focus: Latin America.  Areas of interest: gender studies in modern and contemporary Latin America with a focus on Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, same-sex issues in the Hispanic world.

Shanna Kirschner  Regional focus: Middle East.  Areas of interest: Middle Eastern politics, especially in the Levant, ethnic conflict, and civil war, international organizations, human rights, and democratization.

Brian JK MillerRegional focus: Middle East, Germany.  Areas of interest: transnational migration, history of development, gender studies, nationalism, and press censorship.