Department Information

International Studies

Professor Laura Reeck, Chair

International Studies is an interdivisional, liberal arts program that endeavors to develop and relate those analytical skills most appropriate for the examination of increasingly complex interactions among nations. It draws upon the disciplines of economics, history, modern languages, and political science. The principal goals of the major are: a) to develop understanding of the interrelationships of domestic and international politics and economic policies and of the implications of historical and sociological developments for those politics and policies; b) to provide students with tools and modes of analysis pertinent to these relationships; c) to help students think analytically in interrelated fields; and d) to help students understand different cultures.

Allegheny’s long-established program in International Studies is designed to provide training for individuals who are considering careers in government service, international agencies, and international business and law. The program seeks to blend courses in the liberal arts, generally, with specific advanced courses in several relevant departments.