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Update: WiFi Issues with Apple devices

ITS continues to investigate WiFi connectivity issues related to recent updates for Apple devices. We have identified a fix, but implementing it will require some significant changes. Once we implement the fix, existing connections to AC-Wireless from Apple devices will be lost and users will be required to install a new configuration profile to reestablish their connection.

Stay tuned, more details on the timeline of this change will be available via MyAllegheny news posts.

New Apple updates causing issues with campus Wifi

The updates released late last week for iOS and Mac OS X have caused devices to cease functioning on our network (AC-Wireless). We are currently troubleshooting the problem and will provide additional updates here.

We ask that users refrain from installing these updates until we can resolve the issue.

Unplanned maintenance may cause disruptions

A small subset of our Windows users have experienced intermittent lockups and reboots over the last 24 hours. These symptoms are a result of unplanned maintenance on 3/12.

At this point the issue has been resolved, so please contact the InfoDesk if you continue to experience these symptoms.

Google Drive Alerts

It has come to our attention that the antiquated Google Drive sync app has begun to prompt users with the following alert:

This alert is legitimate; however, you do not need to install File Stream, it is already installed on all college owned Windows PCs. Mac users can follow through with the installation via this prompt.

For more information regarding File Stream, please visit our tutorial site here.

Services Restored

ITS has become aware of a short service disruption that was an unexpected side effect of some planned network maintenance. All services have been restored and those still experiencing issues should contact the InfoDesk.

Google Drive sync app to be retired

ITS is beginning the transition from the Google Drive App to Drive File Stream, a new application for your Mac or PC. Drive File Stream will allow access to all of your files stored in Google Drive from your desktop computer while using less disk space and decreasing sync time when compared to the old Google Drive sync app, which will be retired by Google in March 2018.

To learn more about File Stream, check out our dedicated page here.

DSpace: Services Restored

The Library has completed the migration of the DSpace platform to a new service provider. Please contact the InfoDesk if you cannot sign in.

Thank you for your patience.

DSpace Unavailable

The Library is currently migrating the DSpace platform to a different service provider. At this time, Campus members are unable to login. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We will provide an update when services are restored.