News and Updates

Retirement Notice: Gator FTP

Gator FTP Server will be retired on January 1, 2018.  

Individuals still using Gator FTP to back-up files should stop and begin to store files in Google Drive. Google Drive provides you secure storage for your files and is accessible from any internet connected device via browser or mobile app.  

The G Suite Learning Pages for Google Drive are a great place to start learning how to use Google Drive to store files safely and securely. Should you have questions about how to effectively use Google Drive to store your College related files please contact the InfoDesk in Pelletier or create a ticket using WebHelpDesk.  

It is also important for Individuals to move files only stored on Gator FTP to move those files to Google Drive before following January 1, 2018.  

G Suite Update: Insert Images More Easily

Google made it easier to insert pictures in Docs and other parts of G Suite accord to yesterday’s G Suite post that starts..

“A picture is worth a thousand words… especially when you can add it to your document, presentation, or drawing quickly and easily. That’s why we’re making some improvements to the image insertion process in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings.”

Read more about the easier way to insert a picture more easily on the G Suite update blog. If you don’t see it immediately don’t worry, Google admits that it might take up to 15 days for all users of G Suite to see the new functionality.

First Fun Friday–Spreadsheets for Slackers: 11/3

Being asked to do more and more advanced things with data? Feeling like in this day and age, there has to be a better way? ITS will have a workshop discussing spreadsheet formulas on Friday, November 3, from 2 to 3 p.m. in Murray 117. This is part of its ongoing First Fun Friday training series. Our goal is to discuss pivot tables and VLOOKUP, after which you’ll be making your spreadsheets do the work, instead of the other way around. Please let us know if you plan to attend by contacting Jason Ramsey in ITS (Enterprise Services), but RSVP is not required.

Scheduler/EMS Upgrade

Scheduler and EMS will be unavailable Wednesday, November 1, starting at noon. The system will be down all afternoon and possibly into Thursday. Please plan around this time period when requesting and approving spaces.

Beware: New Malware disguises itself as Adobe Flash update

New ransomware dubbed “Bad Rabbit” disguises itself as an Adobe Flash installer. Please use caution when presented with such a window.

ITS deploys patches for Adobe Flash on Windows computers without need for user interaction, so any users presented with Adobe Flash installer content should be skeptical. If you see these prompts, immediately contact the InfoDesk at 814-332-3768.

You can read more about “Bad Rabbit” here.

For Faculty: a Teaching with Technology Lunch

For Faculty: a Teaching with Technology Lunch has been scheduled for Thursday, October 19th, in the Pelletier Collaboratory, at noon, with Craig Dodge speaking on AI in teaching. Please RSVP here. Lunch will be served at noon and the program will begin at 12:20 pm.

Automation is poised to replace significant portions of the workforce in the not too distant future. We have already seen automated cashiers, and Tesla is boasting that self-driving cars will replace many shipping jobs. Are our positions as educators at risk due to this revolution in labor?  The development of AI suggests that we may eventually need to concede superiority to our robot overlords.

Whether or not this pessimistic outlook on our employment prospects comes to fruition, please plan to attend this luncheon where guest presenter Craig Dodge will lead the conversation about the shortcomings of our own teaching capabilities.  Acknowledging limitations within the classroom can inspire a meaningful dialogue with our students about the rationale for specific decisions made in the design of our courses. Additionally, current technological developments offer new resources capable of shoring up weaknesses in our teaching strategies.

Resolved: Google Drive Disruption

At 12:24pm Google reports on the Apps Status Dashboard the the Google Drive disruption was addressed and function returned to normal for all users.

 Time Description
9/7/17, 12:24 PM
The problem with Google Drive should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.
9/7/17, 11:38 AM
Google Drive service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users in the near future. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.
Google Drive is not loading files and results in a failures for a subset of users.
9/7/17, 10:37 AM
We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive. We will provide more information shortly.
Google Drive is not loading files and results in a 500 error.

Google Drive Disruption

Google is reporting on their G Suite Apps Status Dashboard a service disruption for Google Drive.

9/7/17, 10:37 AM
We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive. We will provide more information shortly.
Google Drive is not loading files and results in a 500 error.

Nothing more than that is known at this time.