Appropriate Use of Technology Resources

As amended September 2019

The use of Allegheny’s technology resources is a privilege granted to members of the Allegheny community to support the education of Allegheny’s students and the function of the College. It is expected that community members will always treat other individuals and entities with respect when exercising the privileges granted them by the College. In particular, community members are expected to use computing resources in ways that

  1. are consistent with the values articulated in Allegheny College’s Statement of Community,
  2. respect the privacy of others,
  3. honor others’ work by adhering to copyright and other laws, regulations, and agreements protecting intellectual property,
  4. ensure that all community members have equitable access to the College’s computing resources,
  5. maintain the security and integrity of the College’s information systems,
  6. are consistent with the College’s educational mission and non-profit status, and
  7. abide by College policies, including the Computing Policies, as well as applicable local, state, and federal statutes.

Failure to abide by these principles may result in sanctions, which may include revocation of access to the College’s technology resources or even dismissal from the College. Procedures defined in these LITS Policies, the student handbook, the Faculty Handbook, and the Employee Handbooks will be used to respond to alleged violations of these principles.