Food and Your Organization

Catering: There is an array of menus that organizations can utilize for their programming. Please call the Catering Manager during regular business hours to design an event that meets with your budgeting needs. Please note, all catering orders have to be confirmed (meaning final numbers or quantities) more than 48-hours prior to your event. Organizations are allowed to use an outside catering company for their events.

  • Philanthropy Events: Catering will work with organizations who are fundraising for philanthropy purposes.

Fundraisers/Food Giveaways:

Small fundraisers/food giveaways*:  Examples include bake sales, candy-grams, prepackaged food giveaways, etc. These events need to be registered with Student Life at the time your group reserves their location. Simply indicate on the Scheduler form that you will be having a small fundraiser/food giveaway and the type of food you will be selling/giving away. SLI will follow up with the group if there are further questions. If your student organization is having a bake sale, please refer to our bake sale guidelines on the SLI website.

Larger fundraisers/food giveaways*:  Examples include dinners, breakfasts, picnics, etc. that are intended to reach a large audience including those in the greater Meadville community. These events need to be reserved as usual through Scheduler and also coordinated with Gator Dining. Student groups may be required to purchase a temporary food license depending on the event. All groups are required to contact Gator Dining for further assistance.

*Note when hosting a fundraiser or food giveaway consider the following culinary and support needs: kitchen or serving location, chef attendant, food ordering support, recipe adaption; equipment, clean-up, linen, servers, utensils, compostables, etc.

Having food at your meeting or event? Allegheny has contractual agreements with Aramark (Gator Dining) and Coca-Cola. Aramark is the on-campus caterer for Allegheny College. Groups wishing to purchase drinks for their meetings or events from their ASG budgets should buy Coke products. Allegheny can not knowingly purchase or reimburse events that serve anything but Coca-Cola.