Time Management


How can I manage all the things in my life?

  • Don’t let others make decisions for you — be proactive.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic.
  • Don’t do busy work in order to “feel” productive.
  • Use your planner or calendar to note the times of the semester when assignments, papers, or tests are due and plan other activities lightly during those times.

Make yourself a non-procrastination plan:

  • Make a schedule with specific times for completing tasks.
  • Reevaluate your priorities — if school isn’t your first priority, don’t expect to get top grades.
  • Mix things that you like to do and things you don’t particularly enjoy. Alternating between them helps keep you motivated and working hard.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin — make sure important projects receive the attention they need.
  • Reward yourself! When you complete a task, allow yourself a snack, short break, etc.

But how can I avoid procrastination?

  • Set goals carefully and then post them somewhere to remind you constantly — mirror, door, notebook, etc.
  • Make sure your environment isn’t distracting. Your bed is for sleeping, not homework. TV and video games are not helping you solve math problems.
  • Try a quiet place on campus like the Pelletier Library, etc., etc.

Time Management Tools

Semester Workload Tracker
Time Budget Sheet
Involvement Record and Planning Sheet
4 Year plan Google Sheet (follow the link and make a copy for your fillable google sheet)
4 Year Plan PDF