Senior Student-Athletes Reflect on Experiences and Self-Growth — on and off the Basketball Court

As they prepare to graduate, Allegheny College seniors and varsity basketball teammates Josh Ratesic and Jordan Greynolds look back on the experiences — in the classroom and on the court — that helped them to grow as leaders. 

Josh Ratesic
Josh Ratesic

A four-year letter winner for the Gators, Ratesic is most proud of overcoming the adversity of playing through the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a team, winning the reduced 2020-2021 season undefeated. After graduating with a bachelor’s in physics and a minor in economics, Ratesic plans on working for US Steel as a project engineer.

“A liberal arts education has allowed me to keep my eyes open to not just the task I have at hand but what the next step is along the way,” Ratesic says. “Being a student-athlete has helped me manage my academic and personal workload.

Greynolds, who is double majoring in business and religious studies along with a minor in journalism in the public interest, is a four-year starter and letter winner. He says that basketball has been a constant in his life. 

Jordan Greynolds
Jordan Greynolds

“Basketball has been a coming-of-age experience for me, as I’ve played my whole life. I’ve seen the game take on very different roles throughout my life, and it’s taught me a lot about myself,” Greynolds says. “I’ve met a lot of good people and been put in positions where I’ve been forced to grow.”

For the next year, Greynolds plans on joining a one-year ministry program in California for the Coalition of Christian Outreach (CCO). He is optimistic that the opportunity will force him outside his comfort zone while allowing him to steward others. 

Coach Bob Simmons is proud that Ratesic and Greynolds have excelled at balancing their commitments. 

“Jordan and Josh have great character and values. Over their four-year career playing for us, they led our men both on and off the basketball court,” Simmons says. “As student-athletes at any level, the academic demands are extremely difficult, but they figured out how to be the best student-athletes possible. They are a great role model for younger basketball players.”

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