Allegheny College Alumni Advise Next Generation of Leaders During Blue & Gold Weekend

Allegheny College alumni returned to campus last Friday not only to reconnect with each other but also to share their insights and help the next generation of Allegheny Gators as part of the College’s annual Blue & Gold Weekend: A Homecoming and Family Celebration.

“I absolutely love coming back to Allegheny College as an alumnus. Allegheny College was a great place for me to thrive; the level of support I got here was so warm and welcoming,” said board-certified psychiatrist Trevor York ’11, who majored in biology and minored in communication. “To come back for Blue & Gold Weekend is a phenomenal opportunity to connect with other alumni and the students.”

York joined four other alumni on the “Working Through Adversity” panel to discuss challenges they have faced in the workforce and how they have worked to overcome them. “Planning for this event has been a remarkable experience,” Allegheny Executive Director of Career Education Brian Collingwood said of the panel. “It’s a nice reminder of how to work through life’s obstacles by listening to each other’s lived experiences.”

Blue & Gold Weekend, Alumni

The College’s Office of Institutional Advancement collaborated with academic departments and other campus offices to coordinate several opportunities for students to interact with alumni during Blue & Gold Weekend. Those events included alumni panels, networking receptions, and classroom visits to business & economics, communication, and political science courses. 

Allegheny students connected with alumni throughout the day to learn about different career paths and ask questions. Students were also encouraged to connect with the alumni they met, and others, through the College’s networking platform, Gator2Gator.

“It’s nice to see all the programs are open to everyone,” says Evelyn Griffith ’24, who is majoring in computer science and attended the computer science student and alumni panel last Friday. “I get to meet people to see what other alumni are doing within the industry.” 

During the events, alumni urged students to strive toward excellence, become an advocate for others, and have a constant curiosity. 

“I firmly believe that the next generation of folks can help make this world and our communities a better, safer place,” says Liz Kozub ’10, associate director of national technical assistance at Community Progress, who majored in political science and minored in English. “I’m excited to not only share my experiences with students but learn from them along the way as part of the weekend.”