Alumnus Mentors Future Healthcare Leaders at Yale University

As a senior medical resident on the clinician-educator track at Yale University, Mike Arcieri ’17 addresses patients’ health needs while educating and mentoring future healthcare leaders.

Arcieri says his strong foundation in research from Allegheny College gave him the support to pursue his passion. 

Mike Arcieri
Mike Arcieri

“At Allegheny, you get to see a project from start to finish. You can definitely start with a question and end up with a publication,” says Arcieri, who majored in biology and minored in psychology. “That’s unique for the undergraduate setting.”

During his time at Allegheny, Arcieri supported the Office of Admissions, which allowed him to interact with people from different backgrounds and strengthen his interpersonal skills. 

He also was a health coach at Meadville Medical Center, which taught him firsthand how socioeconomic factors can affect patient outcomes. Arcieri encourages current Allegheny students interested in medical school to become a health coach to better understand medicine’s impact on people’s lives.

“Allegheny really challenges you to be a good citizen by thinking about how the decisions you make influence society, no matter what major you’re in,” he says. “It helped to see how I connected to the world and how I could make a difference.” 

Reflecting on his Allegheny experience, Arcieri says that his psychology minor has helped him immensely by better understanding patients by recognizing their unique needs. 

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Arcieri attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh and went to Yale University for his residency. 

Arcieri says that the most gratifying part of his residency is helping patients learn new things about their health and understand and resolve their ailments. To this day, there are patients he will never forget.