Outdoor Events Guidelines

Outdoor Events Guidelines

As with all event planning, contracts must be signed by a college official and the event location must be secured in advance.


This is the trickiest part of outdoor programming. There is no month while school is in session that is guaranteed for good weather. Prepare a list of preferred dates before attempting to schedule outdoor space on campus.

Select a date by assessing your organization’s calendar of events and checking the Allegheny Master Calendar to ensure you are not programming over another event. The Master Calendar is located on Allegheny’s internal and external website at https://calendar.allegheny.edu/mastercalendar/.

If there is an event taking place on your intended date, could the program become a co-sponsorship or collaboration? Other programs may split your event attendance or compromise attendance of your own members due to commitments to other organizations. At Allegheny, we also want to make sure that as a community we are being supportive of each other’s programming.

Determine time of event: keep in mind sunset times if you are planning to do an event in which people need to see something or each other. Otherwise your group will have to include the cost of lighting rentals in the event budget.

As a rule of thumb, if you are having an event with amplified sound outdoors, plan to wrap up the projected sound between 9:30-10:00 p.m. Our campus is in a residential area and as such we need to be respectful of our campus and surrounding communities.

Reserve your preferred outdoor location by determining the right kind of environment for your program. Log onto Scheduler and “Browse Events” for your intended date and see what else is happening on campus. You can then reserve an outdoor location by going to “Request a Space” and finding “Outdoor Non Athletic Spaces” under “Building.” If you are planning an outdoor program, you should also book a rain location.

Your reservation request for an outdoor space must be approved by Student Leadership & Involvement. Once the Web Request has been submitted via Scheduler, you will be contacted by Student Leadership & Involvement to have a brief meeting to review the event plans. See below to prepare for that meeting.


Create a plan for indoors and outdoors. If the rain location requires advanced notice of set up, make those arrangements. If Physical Plant is helping you, make sure they have a copy of the event plan for outdoors. For the most part, rain calls should be made a full 24-hours in advance of when you need your set up. Please be sure to coordinate that with whomever is assisting for your event.

Allegheny does not have outdoor AV equipment. If AV equipment is needed, please contact Craig Pardee @ cpardee@allegheny.edu for assistance in locating equipment to rent.

Coordinate through SLI if you believe you may need extra supplies for your rain location or the bathrooms located nearest your event such as toilet paper, paper towels etc. SLI will include the request with the event set-up.

Notify Public Safety about your event by calling x3357. Provide them with a contact person for the event who will have a cell phone during the event, as well as the start and end times of the event. Public Safety receives all incoming calls to the college and can let area residents know of the start and end times.

Identify a member of your group to walk the perimeters of your outdoor space to monitor sound travel– it is surprising based on landscape just how far sound can penetrate. The event’s sound can easily be controlled by monitoring and lowering the levels.

Following the event, organization members are to clear the space of all trash, recycling, items left behind by event attendees, and all decorations or other event props. If furniture and equipment is included in your set-up, know in advance whether organization members are responsible for returning the items to a secure location, or if other entities will clear the items (Parkhurst, Physical Plant, AV Technician, etc.).


The Outdoor Event Guidelines were created to help coordinate the numerous outdoor events that occur in our community that are likely to affect neighbors or others not directly participating. Students and organizations wishing to hold outdoor events on College property and/or College recognized organizations that wish to hold an outdoor event in areas surrounding the College must get prior approval from Student Leadership & Involvement. The purpose of this approval is to attempt to balance the schedule of outdoor activities in an effort to be sensitive to our Community.


Prior to requesting space for your event please prepare the following in preparation for your meeting with Student Leadership & Involvement:

  • What is the start time and end time of the event? (End time should be between 9:30-10:00 p.m.)
  • How much time is needed for set up and tear down of the event?
  • Who is the primary contact for the event who will be on site, and what is their cell phone number?
  • Does your event require a signed contract with the performer/company?
  • If programming near a residential area, what is your notification plan for area residents?
  • What is the rain plan?
  • Do you have other planning related questions?


Audio Visual Assistance: craig.pardee@allegheny.edu
Housekeeping: housekeeping@allegheny.edu
Physical Plant: Physical Plant building, x5378
Public Safety: x3357
Parkhurst: x2317, Catering Manager x4378
Student Leadership & Involvement: x2754, sli@allegheny.edu