Student Art Society

Purpose: To allow a creative outlet for art students, and all students on campus. SAS is a safe space for students to gather and learn from each other and teach one another their art skills. During each weekly meeting we learn and teach at least one new skill that will benefit students in their professional art careers and beyond. The best way to learn about art is from one artist to another. Topics in art are limitless and SAS aims to draw attention to any topic(s) that student members are interested in learning about. Furthermore, SAS will explore activism through art and languages of art through various media. SAS is on board with teaming up with other clubs on campus to help out with creative outreach. Like in previous years, SAS plans on teaming up with the student BOXX gallery to promote student gallery work. We are also interested in taking our members on trips to art galleries to promote the art experience.

Meeting Time: Thursday 7:30 pm, Doane Hall of Art 209

President: Rene Benoit, (2018-2019)

Advisor: Byron Rich, Assistant Professor of Digital art and Painting