Gator Days

One day each semester is set aside for students to explore what Allegheny has to offer to further match their academic, personal, and career goals. No scheduled classes. No athletic practices. No extracurricular activities. No excuses not to attend all of the sessions that interest you.

Session Sampling from Gator Day 2018:

  • “What I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year”
  • Foreign Language Fieldbook
  • Mind the Gap or How to Plan Your Enrichment Year
  • Engaging the World: Diplomacy and Development, Two Legs of a Three-Legged Stool
  • Departmental Open Houses
  • New Major Alert! Get Informed about Informatics
  • Making Allegheny Your “Mecca”
  • Alumni Career Panels
  • National Fellowship Opportunities

Visit the Gator Day Website:

Gator Day