Supportive Measures

Upon notice of alleged harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation, and during the pendency of an investigation or other proceedings under this policy, the College will offer and implement appropriate and reasonable supportive measures to the parties to ensure equal access to its education programs and activities, to protect the parties, and/ or to safeguard the College community. Supportive measures are non-disciplinary, non-punitive individualized services and should be implemented in a way that does not unreasonably burden the other party. In cases of alleged misconduct under this policy, the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, will notify the complainant and respondent of their options to avoid contact with the other party and allow them to change academic and extracurricular activities or their living, transportation, dining, and working situation as appropriate. In such cases, the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, will also notify the parties of available resources (such as counseling services, medical and mental health services, victim advocacy services) and of the right to report a crime to local law enforcement.

  • Access to counseling services and assistance in setting up an initial appointment, on and off campus;
  • Imposition of an on-campus “no-contact” order;
  • Notify faculty to arrange rescheduling of exams and assignments;
  • Changing work schedules or job assignments;
  • Changing a student’s housing;
  • Assistance from College support staff in completing housing relocation;
  • Limiting an individual’s or organization’s access to certain College facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter;
  • Providing an escort to ensure safe movement between classes and activities;
  • Any other remedy that can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of the Policy Against Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment