Reporting An Incident

Incident Reporting Form

How is an incident reported?

The College has options for students, faculty and staff who would like to submit a report following an incident. The two reporting options – Confidential and Non-Confidential – are listed below.

Confidential Reporting

Confidential Reporting means that the complainant can talk with someone who is not required by law to report any assault that may have already occurred. These include clergy, physicians and licensed counselors available at the following locations. These are not responsible employees:

On Campus Options:

Winslow Health Center
Schultz Hall – (814) 332-4355
Office of Spiritual and Religious Life Credentialed Religious Leaders
Campus Center – (814) 332-2800

Off Campus:

Meadville Medical Center Emergency Room
751 Liberty Street – (814) 333-5500
Meadville Crisis Line – (814) 724-2732
Women’s Services, Inc. – (814) 333-9766

Non-Confidential Reporting

Non-Confidential Reporting means that the individual talks with someone who is required to report that an assault may have taken place. This does not mean that the individual needs to file a complaint through the College, but the Title IX Coordinator for Allegheny will ask to meet with them and discuss reporting options. Non-Confidential reporting options include:

Title IX Coordinator and Deputies – (814) 332-3085
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access & Social Justice (IDEAS) Center – (814) 332-2718
Dean of Students Office – (814) 332-4356
Public Safety – (814) 332-3357

*Please note that RA’s (Resident Advisors) are mandated reporters and considered a non-confidential reporting resource