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Beyond the Classroom

Go Beyond the Classroom for opportunities outside the formal instructional setting.

What we offer…

  • Small classes, all taught exclusively in the target language

  • Native or near-native fluency among all faculty

  • Tutoring and help organizing co-curricular programs from international teaching assistants

  • Extensive opportunities for extracurricular learning, including language houses, language tables, and international film festivals

  • Fully supported Senior Projects that prove to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major original assignment

What you’ll learn…

  • An understanding and appreciation of international cultures

  • Critical thinking, analytical, and research skills

  • Enhanced language skills (reading, writing, speaking)

  • Proficiency in another language

  • Greater awareness of global perspectives

What people are saying…

  • “The modern languages department at Allegheny College sets an impressive standard of teaching excellence and commitment. It offers a program that rates among the best we have seen.” — Outside evaluation team
  • “I want you and the other professors to know how grateful I am for your guidance. [You] taught me how to think creatively…I have been able to apply these skills to the ‘real world.’” — 1987 alumnus
  • “The Allegheny in Cologne program was the best experience of my life. I wish I could do it again.” — Alumnus
  • “In the French House, my housemates and I lived with a native French Teaching Assistant who encouraged us to only speak French on a daily basis… Living in a sociable, francophone atmosphere around the clock for a whole year allowed me to build my French fluency by leaps and bounds.” — 2016 alumnus