Max Kade International Wing

The Max Kade International Wing is a special interest housing option that promotes cross-cultural sharing and exploration.

The Max Kade Wing consists of multiple modern & comfortable five-person apartments in North Village C, each focusing on a specific language and related cultures:

  • Arabic/Middle East/North Africa (Arabic/MENA) House
  • French House
  • German House
  • Spanish House
  • International Interest House (no language requirement)
  • International Studies House

Four of the language houses features an international, native-speaker teaching assistant in residence* and fosters a spirited, dynamic environment of language and cultural exchange with the objective that:

  • You will learn to live in the language. You will increase your ability to understand and express yourself in the language spoken in your house.
  • You will grow in the language. As your fluency increases you will gain a greater awareness of cultural cues and cultural knowledge and a deeper relationship with the native-language TA and your housemates.
  • You will take ownership of your efforts and abilities. You will notice an ever greater feeling of accomplishment as your knowledge deepens and your skills improve.

* The Arabic/MENA House teaching assistant lives in a separate apartment in North Village. The International Studies House and International Interest House do not have a language TA. 

The Max Kade International Wing is alive throughout the year with activities planned by the residents, including:

  • Culture-themed coffee & tea hours
  • Foreign language films
  • Guest speakers, including the German Writer-in-Residence each Fall semester
  • Seasonal special events — recent offerings have included an Oktoberfest/Bavarian Pretzel Baking party, a Día de los Muertos celebration, and Halloween français, featuring Ghoulciné & Pumpkin Painting, to name but a few.

The wing always includes at least one International Interest House for students who have a strong academic interest in world cultures and global affairs but do not desire a language immersion experience.

Applicants for the Max Kade International Wing might include students with an interest in foreign language or international studies, international students, or students who have studied, lived, or traveled abroad. The application period begins at the start of each Spring semester for selection of residents for the next academic year.

Students with rising sophomore standing and above are encouraged to apply, but please note that preference may be given to students with more academic or international study experience. While a deeper background in the particular language or academic area may strengthen a student’s application for a specific house, students do NOT have to be majoring or minoring in that field to be considered for the house. Students may apply for admission to more than one house.

Students may apply for a single Fall or Spring semester, but preference is generally given to those who are willing to commit to the full academic year.

For students with demonstrated (FAFSA) financial need, additional financial aid is possible up to $1,000. This aid is only available to those students applying to live in the following houses: German, French, Spanish, and Arabic/MENA. Students who are unsure of their financial status should contact the office of Financial Aid (814) 332-2701 or