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The Fismes Internship

2019 Fismes interns Liz Forrey & Erin Hartwiger

Ties between Meadville, Pennsylvania, and Fismes, its sister city in France, date from World War I. Located in the Champagne-Ardennes area, just west of Reims, Fismes (population 5,500) was rebuilt after 1918 with help from the City of Meadville and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Historically, a more robust relationship between the two towns has been impeded by the problems of distance and language, but as the centennial of this relationship approaches, Allegheny College and the Mayor’s office of Fismes are instituting a month-long summer internship in the Mayor’s office for qualified and interested Allegheny College students.

In Fismes, students work in a variety of offices and municipal institutions and develop an understanding of local government and issues in a small French city. Typically, the internship takes place between in late May/June.

Students bear travel expenses, but may apply to Allegheny College for scholarship help; they receive room and board, but there is no financial compensation.

For more information, please contact Professor Briana Lewis (

Study Away Opportunities

Poster announcing Germany Experiential Learning tripEL Opportunity! “Sustainability in Germany, Past and Present”

An experiential learning trip has been planned for the tentative dates of May 23–June 10, 2022. Apply by October 21, 2021, by contacting Professors Julia Ludewig or Kerstin Ams.

College-Sponsored Opportunities

Off-Campus Studies website

Students not enrolling in the College-sponsored programs may, with the approval of the department and the Director of International Programs and Services, join other programs.

Study abroad may exempt students from enrollment in certain required courses for the major on campus.

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Language Placement

All students are required to complete a foreign language placement exam before registering for a language class if they have had previous coursework or significant exposure to the foreign languages in which placement testing is available.

Students who have had no previous language study do not need to take a placement test; they simply register for the introductory language course.

Placement exams are taken online, and are available in French, German, and Spanish.  (There is no placement test in Arabic; students with a background in Arabic should contact Professor Reem Hilal.)

The tests follow a multiple choice format and generally take 15-20 minutes to complete. Test questions will assess grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.

The tests are administered via the WebCAPE platform.  These tests are adaptive and will structure the type and number of questions based on previous responses. At the conclusion of the test, the student will instantly receive a test report, including a 3-digit score and tentative placement recommendation.

The tests are usually quite accurate in determining the best match for continuing language study at the appropriate level. Please note, however, that it is not an exact science, andparticularly in “borderline” cases, students are highly encouraged to discuss the placement recommendation with a language department faculty member.

Students considering study abroad are STRONGLY advised to begin language study as early as possible in their Allegheny careers.

For more information about the placement process or how to register to take a placement test, please contact Department Building Coordinator, Ebony Kunz