Career Education

Class of 2013: where are they now?

Graduates of Allegheny College who completed a bachelor’s degree in the 2012-2013 academic year were polled at commencement and six to eight months after completion to determine their post graduation plans.

  • 60.9% Employed
  • 7.2% Compensated Service
  • 8.6% Other
  • 15.92% Seeking Employment
  • 28.2% Graduate or Professional Studies

455: Total number of graduates
347: Total number of responses
76% Knowledge rate

*Total equals more than 100% due to students who are both employed and in graduate school

Attention Seniors!  Deloitte Consulting wants you to apply for a Business Analyst position with their Cleveland office.  Attend the information session at 10:00 on Friday, September 11 in the Collaboratory, Pelletier Library.

Check out the details here!

Deloitte Consulting Business Analyst Job Desciption for Allegheny Seniors.