Career Education

Class of 2014: where are they now?

478: Total number of graduates
399: Total number of responses
81.9% Knowledge rate

Graduates of Allegheny College who completed a bachelor’s degree in the 2013-2014 academic year were polled at commencement and six to eight months after completion to determine their post graduation plans.

  • 64.9% Employed
  • 23.6% Graduate or Professional Studies
  • 8.5% Compensated Service
  • 2% Seeking Employment
  • 1% Other


If you would like an appointment with one of the counselors, please either call (814) 332-2381 to schedule over the phone, or stop by our office in Pelletier to schedule in person. The counselors will not schedule appointments by email.

We also offer Quick Questions sessions Mondays through Thursdays from 2pm-4pm. Students can drop in without an appointment to speak with a counselor briefly during these sessions.


Faculty and organizations on campus

If you are interested in scheduling programming with any of the career education counselors, please contact Rhonda Hershelman by email at and include the nature of the request, the topics you would like covered, and your dates of interest.