Emily Chivers Yochim

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Communication Arts/Theatre
Degrees: B.A., Allegheny College; Ph.D. University of Michigan

Email: eyochim@allegheny.edu
Phone: (814) 332-2903
Office Location: VCCA 302

Year Sabbatical 2016-2017

Emily Chivers Yochim, Assistant Professor in Communication Arts, has a Ph.D. in Communication Studies and Graduate Certification in Screen Arts and Cultures from the University of Michigan.  She is Allegheny alum who earned her B.A in Communication Arts in 2000.

Dr. Yochim’s primary areas of interest include youth subcultures, identity and the media.  Her research examines the ways in which media audiences wrestle with, re-imagine, or ignore media messages in relation to the construction of their identities, their politics, and their everyday lives. Her forthcoming book, “This is how I think”: Skate Life, Corresponding Cultures, and White Masculinities, is an ethnographic study of skateboarders examining how they use skateboarding culture in developing a critique of dominant ideas about white male adolescents. Her work on skateboarders is summarized in Boy Culture: An Encyclopedia.Dr. Yochim has also published an article about vinyl record collectors in Media, Culture and Society as well as entries about “the symbolic annihilation of race” in the International Encyclopedia of Communication and African American Research Perspectives.  Dr. Yochim regularly presents her research to the International Communication Association, National Communication Association, and Console-ing Passions: The International Conference on Feminism and Television.

Dr. Yochim teaches a variety of courses on media, including Media & Society, Media & Culture, and Media Criticism. She also teaches courses examining audience ethnography, youth subcultures, media and sexuality, media and identity, and youth marketing.