The Fall 2018 WestPACS Job & internship Fair will be held from on Wednesday, October 10, from 10:00am – 3:00pm at the Monroeville Convention Center.

Who we are
With more than 50 member institutions, WestPACS is one of the largest job fair consortia in the country. Established in 1988, WestPACS is also one of the oldest and is proud of our history of connecting college students and graduates from the region with employment opportunities for over 20 years.

WestPACS Job Fairs At-A-Glance
The WestPACS consortium coordinates fall and spring job fairs that are open to students and alumni from two-year and four-year colleges and universities. We anticipate between 170-190 employers and between 1000-1300 candidates at each of our events.

For more information, please visit http://www.westpacs.org/candidates

Get or renew your passport at the Post Office Passport Fair

Call the Post Office at 814-724-5990 for details…


M&CL wins grant to boost student conversational skills

The Allegheny College Department of Modern & Classical Languages has been awarded a curriculum development grant from TalkAbroad, a company which connects language students with trained native speakers in 15 countries around the world for live conversation. TalkAbroad evolved out of a not-for-profit organization in Nicaragua in 2009 and is now utilized by more than 100 colleges, universities and high schools.

The grant will provide video training, instructional materials, and funding to department staff to implement a trial of the service free of charge to Allegheny students. The service will commence in select courses beginning in the Fall 2018 semester.

The grant was written by Department Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish, Barbara Riess, with collaborators Laura Reeck, Professor of French, and Nancy Smith, Instructor of Spanish & French.

Chasing The Tea Leaves: Chris Miller chronicles his summer in China

Christopher Miller ’19 spent two months in China this summer and chronicles it all in a blog he calls “Chasing The Tea Leaves: My Journey East.”  Starting on Day 1 (actually, Day 0, a brief autobiography) he posts a daily stream of unvarnished thoughts and impressions, accompanied by lots of great photographs.  Click here to check it out.

Meadville Tribune reports shortage of language teachers in NW PA

A week after telling the Conneaut School Board that the district has been unable to find a foreign language teacher to fill the vacancy left by the departure of the Conneaut Area Senior High German teacher, Superintendent Jarrin Sperry offered a straightforward update on the search.

“Still looking,” he said following Wednesday’s meeting.

— Meadville Tribune, 8/9/18

While the Conneaut vacancy in German and an opening in Penncrest for a French instructor are of acute local concern, the article goes on to say that “[t]he dearth of foreign language teachers is evident throughout the districts that make up the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit.”

Read the full article here.


Job opportunity for recent grads in Arabic, German or Spanish

Christina Moreschi in the Office of Career Education has alerted us to an excellent entry level employment opportunity in the field of translation and editing for recent graduates who have studied Arabic, German or Spanish.  The company is One Planet Corporation and the position is based in Pittsburgh.  
Details are available via Gator Connect.  This link takes you to the posting — simply log in and you will be redirected there.

 Application deadline is July 25th.

Allegheny’s Kyle Kanell to Study Arabic in Morocco with ProjectGO Scholarship

Kyle Kanell has never left North America, but this summer his studies will take him across the Atlantic Ocean to Meknes, Morocco, where he has been awarded the ProjectGO scholarship for an intensive study of Arabic.

Kyle Kanell: Will study Arabic in the summer of 2018 in Morocco.

Originally from Beaver, Pennsylvania, Kanell transferred to Allegheny College in the fall of 2017 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

From his first day on Allegheny’s campus, he began an intensive study of the Arabic language, completing four Arabic courses over two semesters.

Assistant Professor of Arabic Reem Hilal has been Kanell’s instructor this year and has seen his skill grow with each course.

“Kyle is a good fit for the scholarship because he has demonstrated interest in learning about the cultures of the Middle East, and the fact that he has taken all the available Arabic-designated courses this year, outside of intermediate-level Arabic, tells me that he is committed to learning about all different aspects of the Middle East,” Hilal says. “Being abroad in Morocco will provide him with more exposure to the region, through interactions with native speakers of Arabic and exposure to one of many Arab cultures. It will enrich his understanding of the region and its people.”

Kanell, a rising junior, is majoring in international relations with a focus in the Middle East/North Africa, and minoring in economics. He is also an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadet. ProjectGO scholarships are administered by the U.S. Department of Defense.

“I knew from a young age that the military was the right path for me,” he says. “I also knew from holding leadership positions on varsity sports teams and high school clubs that I had great potential in terms of leadership. Contracting as an officer cadet in ROTC was the perfect fit to fulfill both those aspirations.”

Professor of French Laura Reeck is particularly excited about this opportunity for Kanell, as she was one of the first people to help him with his transfer to Allegheny and to advise him on studying overseas.

“Not long into the fall semester, he asked me when his first opportunity to study abroad would be,” says Reeck. “It was obvious that he was ready and waiting. I told him that he would probably need to wait a year. I don’t think he much liked what I was telling him. Not long after that, knowing that he is an Army ROTC Cadet, I came across the ProjectGO scholarship and suggested to him that he look into it. This scholarship will provide him with intensive Arabic-language instruction in Morocco, which will allow him to continue his Middle East/North African coursework and to get to know Moroccan society and culture.”

Reeck noted how intensive, immersive studies of language is one of the best ways to improve language proficiency and fluency. “Especially for a language that requires significant dedication to learning like Arabic,” Reeck says, “learning a language in context is incredibly motivating. Meknes is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history and heritage. I’m certain Kyle will appreciate that aspect of it, and I know he’s looking forward to learning more about Morocco generally.”

Kanell’s experience with Arabic at Allegheny and in Morocco will take him further on his path toward government work. “Immediately following graduation, I will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army,” says Kanell.

“By studying in Morocco on scholarship, my understanding of the culture, livelihood, and particularly my abilities in Arabic will become greatly enhanced,” he adds. “I am looking into becoming an active duty officer in a combat arms branch. After that, I hope to work for the government in either a diplomacy or intelligence position.”

Source: Academics, Publications & Research

2019 China EL Term Information Session: 5/2

2019 China EL Term Information Session: 5/2

GCS Program creates simulation of refugee camp experience

Campus holds simulation for refugee journey


Paid internships for German students @ German-American Chamber of Commerce, Chicago

  • Fields include Finance, Accounting, PR & Communications, Consulting and HR.
  • Note that for American interns, the internship usually takes place during a semester hiatus from college or upon successful completion of a degree program in order to gain German-American business experience prior to entering the workforce.

For complete details and applications, please see the GACC Internship website here.

Internships at GACC Midwest

GACC Midwest offers internships for talented students and recent graduates. All internships offer the opportunity to gain work experience in a truly bilingual and bicultural environment, with support from colleagues that can help speed the learning curve of understanding intercultural differences and nuances.

General Requirements for all Internships:

  • The minimum duration for internships is nine months for interns requiring J-1 Visa sponsorship and six months for interns that do not require a visa.

The following are the main requirements for all internship positions at GACC Midwest. Interns must also meet the specific requirements for the type of internship for which they are applying.
o    High-level proficiency in English and German (unless otherwise noted)
o    Strong research and communication skills (verbal and written)
o    Excellent computer skills (internet navigation and the entire MS Office Suite)
o    High degree of self-initiative
o    A great interest in working with an international team and a high level of motivation to help GACC Midwest accomplish its mission

  • Applicants without United States citizenship/permanent residency will need a J-1 Visa in order to intern in the U.S. Once you have been accepted into the internship program we will provide you with information on how to apply for a J-1 Visa. All J-1 interns will also receive help to get settled into Chicago.
  • For American interns, the internship usually takes place during a semester hiatus from college or upon successful completion of a degree program in order to gain German-American business experience prior to entering the workforce.
  • Those interns requiring a visa are responsible for obtaining their own J-1 Visa and covering the associated costs.


  • Interns will receive compensation of $1600 USD per month

Clarification of Traineeships vs. Internships for J-1 Visa Applicants:

In addition to internship opportunities, GACC Midwest also offers traineeships to more experienced professionals who are seeking to enhance their careers through international work experience and exposure to American culture. To determine whether you are eligible for an internship or a traineeship under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, please see the criteria below. If applying for a traineeship, simply follow the same application instructions as for an internship.

Internships are for those applicants who are still currently enrolled in a degree program at a university or equivalent institution outside of the United States or who have already graduated not more than 12 months before the start of their internship. The maximum duration is 12 months.

Traineeships are for those applicants who have already obtained their degree and have a minimum of one year of work experience following graduation outside of the United States. Applicants without a degree who have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in the field of interest may also apply. The maximum duration is 18 months.